Wooden Spoon
Pre-made ecological home cooking kitchen/factory in Copenhagen area by Larsens Tegnestue
Dental Cliniques
Dental Cliniques af Larsens Tegnestue
Portland Silos
Portland Silos in Nordhavn Copenhagen by Design Group Architects
Living and shopping area in Ørestad Syd by Årstiderne Arkitekter / Sweco
Paustian / Postgården
Reconstructing old post-office in Copenhagen by Årstiderne Architects
Old factory location made into moderne facility by AKF Koncernen and Larsens Tegnestue
Go-Hotel by Miami Architects
Velux factory in Namysłów (Wrocław, Poland) Rooflight production facility.
Velux Industrial
Roof-light system for industrial usages by Velux Industrial, Namysłów (Wrocław, Poland)
The Audo
Designer Hotel The Audo at Nordhavnen in Copenhagen by Årstiderne Architects
Adidas Originals
Adidas Originals window displays, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Copenhagen by Liganova (Berlin)
Massimo Dutti
Massimo Dutti flagship Store at Copenhagen Airport.
Interior design and restoration office-space for B23 by Årstiderne Arkitekter
Workspace in Copenhagen Area by Vandkunsten.
Zara home Store
Zara Home Mainstore in Copenhagen by Årstiderne Arkitekter.
Novo Nordisk IT, Lounge
Lounge Area for NNIT by Årstiderne Arkitekter.
Unity Headquarter
Copenhagen Headquarter for Unity by Årstiderne Arkitekter.
Jaguar Headquarter
Office space for Jaguar / Landrover in Malmö by Årstiderne Arkitekter
Fredericia Furnitures Showroom
Fredericia Furniture showroom interior design by Årstiderne Arkitekter at Postgården, Copenhagen
Momondo Head Quarter
Interior design for Momondo by Årstiderne Arkitekter at Postgården, Copenhagen
Clear Channel Headquarter
Clear Channel interior by Årstiderne Arkitekter, Copenhagen
Colgate Headquarter
Colgate Palmolive head quarter in Copenhagen by Årstiderne Arkitekter
Fritz Hansen Showroom
Fritz Hansen new Store Interior by Årstiderne Arkitekter / Fritz Hansen at Posthuset Købmagergade (CPH)
Cock's & Cows // Årstiderne Arkitekter
Cock's & Cows restaurant in Copenhagen
Bispebjerg Parking Space
Parking space at Bispebjerg Hospital by Årstiderne Arkitekter
Baker Tilly Office Space
Interior design by Årstiderne Arkitekter at Baker Tilly
New building in an old Area, central Copenhagen by Årstiderne Arkitekter.
BIG // Retail Architects
Shopping Center by Retail Architects Copenhagen Area
FDM Headquarter
Renovating and rebuilding the headquarter of FDM Denmark by Vandkunsten
Løgismose Shop // Retail Architects
Retail design for Løgismose store, Copenhagen by Retail Architects and Årstiderne Arkitekter
HTH Kitchens, Showroom
HTH Store interior in Herning and Tilst, by Årstiderne Arkitekter
NAMU // Sweco SE
Interior design for Namu, Corean restaurant in Malmö by Sweco Architects
ZARA CPH // Årstiderne Arkitekter
Interior for Zara, Copenhagen by Årstiderne Arkitekter
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