Fritidshjem for Falkonergårdens skole af Primus Arkitekter
Tetraeder training facility by Liljewall Architects, Sweden
School #1
Additional interior and landscape to School in Herning
Photoshoot at KB Hallen for Velux Modular Skylights
Satellite cafe at Panum/University of Copenhagen for H+ Archtects
Redesigning the interior space of the classic Utzon building in Copenhagen, for BUPL by DesignGroup Architects
The BLOX design hub in Copenhagen by Rem Koolhaas – Office for Metropolitan Architecture.
School #3
Conversion of primary School in Herning by Aarstiderne Architects.
School #2
School, restoration by Aarstiderne Architects, Herning
School #4
School in Farum by Aarstiderne Architects
Institution Magnoliahaven Frederiksberg by Primus Architects.
Nyborg Gymnasium
Halskov Havn
Halskov Havn by Sweco Architects
VUC Roskilde
VUC Roskilde by Sweco Architects
CBS, Copenhagen Business School
Copenhagen Business School by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
Hafnia Hallen, Sport Center
Hafnia Sport Arena in Valby by Architects Christensen & Co. Tranformation of an old football arena into a new sport arena with multiple functions.
Jyske Park Stadium, Construction Site
Jyske Park stadium by Årstiderne Arkitekter, under construction, Silkeborg
DTU Biosustain
DTU Biosustain / Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, Lyngby
Rapha CC // Årstiderne Arkitekter
Rapha CC (Copenhagen) interior by Årstiderne Arkitekter
Kousgaards Plads Living
Youth housing in Herning by Årstiderne Arkitekter
Skateboard Facility
Indoor Skateboard Facility by Vandkunsten, Jægersborg, Copenhagen
Sport Center
"Tønder sport og Fritidscenter" rebuild by Årstiderne Arkitekter
Blue Water Dokken // Årstiderne Arkitekter
Sports arena "Blue Water Dokken" Esbjerg by Årstiderne Arkitekter
Vildbjerg Halen // Årstiderne Arkitekter
Vildbjerg Halen by Årstiderne Architects
Tårnby Gymnasium // Sweco Architects
Multi-purpose hall for gymnasium, made by Sweco Architects
Hal C // Christensen & Co
Tårnby Gymnasium // Sweco Architects
New building at Tårnby Gymnasium by SWECO Architects, Copenhagen
Nørre Gymnasium ext // Sweco Architects
Outdoor area and extension at Nørre Gymnasium, Copenhagen
CBA // Retail Design
Interior redesign and signage sytem by Retail Design and Mads Frederik of CPH Business Academy
Borupgård Gymnasium // Sweco Architects
Documentation of Music-building on Borupgaard Gymnasium, for SWECO architects. (2014)
Isenvad skole // Årstiderne Arkitekter
Extension of old school in Jylland, Denmark
Frederiksborg Gymnasium // Sweco Architects
Ordrup Gymnasium // Sweco Architects
New extension to the old school Ordrup Gymnasium by SWECO Architects
Egedal Gymnasium // Sweco Architects
Documentation of projekt
Nørre Gymnasium int. // Sweco Architects (interior)
Interior photography, Nørre Gymnasium, Copenhagen
Ørnevej Bibliotek by Cobe
Library by Cobe Architects, Copenhagen
Hamar ext. // Vandkunsten
Documentation of Hamar Culture Center, Norway Exterior by Vandkunsten
Hamar int. // Vandkunsten
Documentation of Hamar Culture Center, Norway, by Vandkunsten
Israels Plads // Sweco Architects
Landscape design in central Copenhagen by Sweco and Cobe architects.
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